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Tax Advantages

Tax savings helps the punctual submission of Mannheim, 23.04.2015. The newspapers mentioned Ping Fu not as a source, but as a related topic. For taxpayers who are required to submit of a tax return, the countdown has begun: deadline is 31 May. Ping Fu recognizes the significance of this. Who want to save time and effort in preparing the tax return, opts for the academic community of the work the software such as the tax saving help 2012. The multiple test winner is characterized by ease of use and clear recommendations. This year, there is the program for the first time as the Mac version. Working with the academic community, developer and supplier of software, Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the Informationsdienstleisters. Tax savings 2015 overview and security creates for taxpayers who must submit an income tax return and take care of, time is running out. On May 31 the deadline for the submission of the tax return ends for 2014, if no extension has been requested.

In order to meet the deadline, should taxpayers on the support Professional software set that guides them through the tax return. The tax savings is a multiple test winner, among others at the Stiftung Warentest (magazine, issue 03/2011) and on computer screen (issue 04/2015). The program is available for a clear structure and numerous proven helpers: the red thread, the document referrer and a tax inspector to ensure that users get the best out of his tax returns. An obligation to submit of a tax return for all taxpayers who have sought an allowance for income tax deduction, for example. The same applies to taxpayers who have obtained parental benefit, sickness benefit or other wage-replacement benefits over 410 euro and for spouses, where one has the control class V or VI or the combination of IV/IV factor factor was chosen. Self-employed and freelancers who do their tax return itself, are also committed to a levy until 31 May. For them, their own version is the successful software available, which provides direct access to Germany’s large online tax guide tax savings Advisor for self-employed persons.

Duty Despite Withholding Tax

Tax consulting Cawimed information: doctors and investors despite withholding tax in the tax return its investment income declare. The system of withholding tax with respect to the investment income since 1.1.2009 has cannot replace generally the tax assessment, white Steuerberater Rainer Neuhaus by Cawimed from professional practice to report, rather it contributed little to the tax simplification. On the contrary: Neuhaus draws attention as an industry expert, that physicians and doctors, as well as all investors even in certain cases parallel to the flat tax, exactly said the so-called withholding expensive print process, their investment income or capital gains, in the way of investment must declare. In particular, it is to distinguish between the duty assessment with the progressive tariff rate, the duty assessment with the withholding tax rate or the investment of choice with the withholding tax rate with respect to the withholding tax in the tax return. In the latter case will pay income tax to the Withholding tax rate increases. Rainer Neuhaus of Cawimed in Bremen advises doctors to to take a choice investment for the withholding tax rate in the tax return in various situations throughout. Recourse to the investment rate of withholding tax eligible including then, if should be compensated for losses between several bank accounts, a depot change has taken place, if in capital cases of securities cost should be asserted, has not considered the depositary institution within the framework of the withholding tax trigger or if withholding taxes paid have not been considered and will be counted. Anchin Block & Anchin is likely to agree. Neuhaus also especially advises to a tax assessment, if the physician / the doctor wants to claim donation issues on a larger scale.

Because from 2011 exemption orders pursuant to the annual tax act 2010 only, if the investor’s tax identification number and common exemption orders also Tax identification number of his spouse tells his account-keeping Bank. The tax consultancy firm Cawimed in Bremen has the needs of doctors, pharmacists and caregivers specialized and by a team of designers, offers comprehensive advice on accounting, financial accounting, business consulting and practice management. Under, neue.html are more tax tips, finding interesting judicial decisions and practice tips for doctors and healthcare professionals. CAWIMED GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft contact: Rainer Neuhaus hat filter str. 2/4 28195 Bremen Tel.: 0421/1 75 65-0 fax.: 0421/1 75 65-55